What Are The 10 Best Japanese Knife Brands?

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They can be found in many kitchens, becoming an essential accessory through their efficiency and their unique design… Declined under a multitude of ranges, the Japanese knife seduces as well the amateurs of design as those who appreciate ancestral stories through unique pieces, when all do not fail to put forward a quality of manufacture absolutely unique!

However, due to the multitude of offers, the choice of a Japanese knife can quickly become complicated. You should know what are the best Japanese knife brands to choose one for yourself.

Nowadays, the various manufacturers of Japanese knives enjoy a reputation that cannot be denied. Indeed, their indisputable know-how allows them to be the leaders in the manufacture of kitchen knives. In addition to their excellent handling and exceptional sharpness, they have the particularity of having an extraordinary lifespan.

what are the best Japanese knife brands
Top 10 Japanese kitchen knife brands

You can also go through types of Japanese knives.

Top 10 Japanese Kitchen Knife Brands

1) Tojiro knives

It is the number 1 brand in Japan, initially oriented in the manufacture of sharp tools designed for agriculture, the brand has gradually moved towards the manufacture of high-end kitchen knives with the objective of becoming one of the most present brands in the world’s kitchens.

This goal has been achieved, because today, many star chefs use these Japanese knives with their formidable cutting power. The Tojiro brand produces different ranges of kitchen knives, including the famous DP Series designed by or for gastronomy professionals.

You will also find the Tojiro Zen and Shippu ranges for knives with a traditional Japanese style while the Senkou and Flash ranges are more oriented and thought for their ergonomics and their very beautiful design.

Tojiro Japanese kitchen knife brand
Tojiro Knives

The Tojiro brand is an expert in the processing and use of VG 10 steel and offers blades with a hardness of around 61 HCR (+/-1) which provides an exceptional cut. In addition, it is important to note that the blades are hand sharpened on fine grain lapidary by recognized professionals.

The range of kitchen knives offered by the Tojiro brand is impressive due to its plurality in terms of uses and high quality finishes. For example, since 2011, Tojiro has launched a range of handmade Japanese knives called “Hand-Made by Tojiro”, blades forged by the best craftsmen of the factory and endowed with breathtaking cutting qualities.

2) Kai knives

Kai is undoubtedly the largest manufacturer of cutting tools in the world, the most famous range of Japanese knives is offered in France under the brand Shun Classic. The Kai group offers a wide range of tools in various fields, such as hairdressing (Kasho), hobbies (Kershaw) or surgery, which represents a very important part of its activity.

Kai kitchen knife from Japan
Kai Knives

In the USA, the Japanese knives of the Kai brand are ranked number 1 in terms of knives for the kitchen. The Kai brand has been able to establish itself firmly among private individuals thanks to its pleasant designs and impressive cutting quality. With a perfect mastery of the traditional Japanese knife-making technique, Kai strives to produce ever more efficient kitchen knives with a single objective: to be the best. Moreover, since 2011, the brand offers a range of handcrafted Japanese knives, in limited and numbered series whose price is equal to their quality.

3) The Chroma brand

Chroma is an American brand, which specializes in the manufacture of Japanese kitchen knives adapted to a “Western” kitchen. Even if the brand does not manufacture the knives it offers, it has surrounded itself with the best craftsmen with extremely precise specifications for all the ranges it presents.

The Haiku range is very popular with consumers, thanks to its lightness and its very “Japanese” style, which makes Western cooks happy.

Chroma Japanese knife
Chroma Knives

The Type 301 range offers design products with an impressive cutting quality. The Kasumi Master-Piece kitchen knives are appreciated for their finesse and cutting quality. Of course, the Chroma brand also produces a range of handcrafted Japanese knives (Haiku), whose blades are forged in Aogami steel, making them a range of knives with a raw appearance whose aesthetic authenticity is highly sought after by purists.

Finally, the Haiku Itamae range represents all the know-how of the brand in the realization of traditional Japanese knives forged by master craftsmen.

4) The Jaku brand

The specificity of the Jaku brand is to propose kitchen knives combining quality and attractive price! With Jaku, it is possible to have an excellent knife for a very affordable price. The price of Japanese knives being globally rather high, the Jaku brand proposes efficient entry-level knives.

Jaku knife brand from Japan
Jaku Knife

The Jaku Tradition range is the most represented, it offers stainless steel blades with a traditional handle, all at very affordable prices.

5) The Kyocera brand

Kyocera is the inventor of the ceramic blade, and for more than 25 years, the brand offers a wide range of original and efficient kitchen knives adapted to all kinds of customers.

Kyocera Japanese kitchen knife
Kyocera Japanese knife brand

In France, the Kyocera brand offers a range of ceramic knives with a white blade whose handle color is sometimes declined in playful colors and designs. It also manufactures a range of knives with black blades whose technical performance is highly appreciated by kitchen enthusiasts. The HIP range combines handcrafted production with a pleasant appearance dedicated to lovers of forged Japanese knives.

6) The Kasumi brand

The Kasumi knife is a concentration of efficiency accompanied by a very elegant design, made in the city of Seki, the Kasumi brand is the image of Japanese know-how: durable and efficient. The brand offers a wide range of Japanese knives in different lines, always with the aim of offering a wide variety of uses.

Kasumi Japanese kitchen knife brand
Kasumi Knife

The Kasumi Masterpiece range offers you high-quality handmade pieces, made by professional craftsmen. You can also buy a Kasumi knife set to save money and get your knives as soon as possible.

7) The Global brand

The Global brand kitchen knives are a reference in the world of gastronomy. They are suitable for professionals as well as for individuals who are fond of Japanese knives. Each Global brand knife has a particular design, combined with a very sharp blade and a steel handle that is easy to grip.

Global Japanese knife brand
Global knife brand

Unlike other Japanese knives available on the market, the Global brand knives offer a modern aesthetic with a refined design. The GS line offers knives with a short blade offset by a hollow tapered handle for example.

The brand offers a whole range of knives easily adaptable to the western kitchen with the cutting performance of traditional Japanese knives, all offered in a very elegant design.

8) The Yaxell brand

In 1932, the Yaxell brand started to manufacture kitchen knives, in the respect of the Japanese tradition. Innovation, strict specifications and top-quality steel are the foundations of this brand of Japanese knives.

Yaxell kitchen knife brand
Yaxell Knife

There are many followers of this brand throughout the world who make exceptional blades in the manner of the master blacksmiths who have made the reputation of Seka, a city known for more than 8 centuries for its know-how in the manufacture of Japanese knives.

The brand offers more than 8 ranges of magnificent knives, which will meet the expectations of both amateurs and professionals. From Deba to Nakiri and Santoku, make your choice.

9) Kanetsune Seki brand

The Japanese knives of the Kanetsune Seki brand are offered in different ranges, each more practical than the other. Moreover, the quality/price ratio is very interesting, which offers a great opportunity to equip yourself with Japanese-made knives at an affordable price.

Kanetsune Japanese kitchen knife brand
Kanetsune Knife

Kanetsune offers you the most used knives in the kitchen, both for Asian and Western recipes, such as the Santoku knife, the Japanese chef’s knife. The steel used to make the blades is both hard and sharp, but still easy to handle.

The Kanetsune brand also offers a choice of hammered or damascened blades. Its intuitive grip thanks to its riveted handle offers a real pleasure to hold.

10) The Yoshikin Bunmei brand

The Japanese knives of the Yoshikin bunmei brand will offer you a traditional Japanese quality associated with an elegant and refined design. The beveled blades on one side allow an exceptional sharpness for all your cuts of meat or vegetables associated with an unprecedented finesse.

Yoshikin Bunmei brand Japanese knife
Yoshikin Bunmei Knife

The wooden handle and the high quality stainless steel blade with molybdenum and vanadium make these knives a high quality piece for your kitchen. The brand obviously offers a whole range of Japanese knives more or less affordable according to the criteria sought, but all offer the ancestral Japanese quality!

Final Words: What Are The Best Japanese Knife Brands

There are many other brands of quality Japanese knives, but it was necessary to make a list short enough to be retained. This article gives you a base of excellent brands. As a complement to this article, feel free to read our guide on how to define a budget for your Japanese knife.

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